Bunn Velocity Brew review

Bunn velocity brew is one of a kind coffee brewing machine. It has excellent features and functionalities that makes it a must have companion for coffee brewers. With this machine you can brew delicious coffee within the shortest time ever and what is even more is that it is easy to operate. Coffee brewing is an experience that should be enjoyed and this device promises to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Just as the name suggests; the 800 watts heater on the Bunn Velocity allows for faster heating of the coffee water. The internal thermostat will act as safety procedure in that you won’t get to be worried over your water getting extremely boiled while you are way for some short period of time.

Bunn large size will take care of you whether you whether you are serving several coffee drinkers or just you alone. This is made possible as the 13 inch depth and the 12.67 inch width enables brewing as much as ten cups of coffee. The huge capacity guarantees keeping you as well as company entertained. This feature makes Bunn Velocity Brewer suitable for home and office uses as it guarantees to take good care of everyone.

The Bunn’s velocity sprayer enables the production of the best ever coffee flavor. This is made possible as the water is made to mix the flavors at high speeds and this ensures that the coffee ingredients get to blend perfectly with the hot water so as to create the ultimate coffee flavor. The water can also be allowed to over-saturate the coffee flavors so as to produce some “bitter” coffee taste which is a favorite for some.

The insulated double carafe wall gives a smooth feel when handling Bunn Velocity Brew. The heat insulation layer means that you can keep your coffee as long as you would like and this gives you total control as to when you can have your coffee. You can keep your coffee hot for as much as you would like to. The carafe wall also guarantees longer durability for the price you pay for this great coffee companion. The insulated wall enables for easy handling as one does not have to get worried of being burned with hot surface; a common experience for some coffee brewing brands.

Unlike other well known coffee brewer models; what is even more advantageous with Bunn is that it does not produce a lot of steam when in use during the brewing process. This feature makes it safe to be used on wooden cabinets without fear of having damage from the steam released.

When it comes to its pricing; Bunn Velocity Brew does not fail in any way as the features and functionalities are worth the money you pay for this coffee brewer. Why spend a lot of troubles preparing your delicious coffee while there is Bunn Velocity Brewer? As far as coffee brewing is concerned, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than quality experience and flavor; and that is why Bunn Velocity is unmatched coffee companion.

Top 5 Best Auto Drip Coffee Makers

Are you searching for an efficient auto drip coffee maker? You may be stressing over how to choose the one that works best for you. The fact is that drip coffee makers come in different types and brands, each with different price tags attached to them. Various drip coffee makers work in a similar manner, where water is heated in the reservoir and allowed to drip through the filter of ground coffee.

This post highlights the 5 best auto drip coffee makers available on the market today.

1. Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker stands out among the rest due to its superior design, power, and high-quality parts. It comes with a heated platter and glass carafe. Its system can work with both disposable and permanent coffee filters making it a popular choice among consumers. Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650 coffee maker has a fantastic temperature control system that offers you the ability to control its glass carafe heat levels depending on your preferences. Its major upside is that it can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a go.

In a nutshell, the Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650 coffee maker is simply an excellent coffee maker.

2. Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is commonly known as coffee on demand. It comes with a removable water reservoir that makes it easy to clean. The brewer has a double-wall reservoir that holds up to 12 cups of coffee. Its dispenser lights up a soft LED light that allows you to view the level of the rising coffee inside the cup. Additionally, this coffee brewer comes with an efficient charcoal water filter.

Costing under $100, this is an affordable yet one of the best performing coffee maker today.

3. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has two sides, the single serving side and the carafe side. The latter brews up to 12 cups while single serving side can brew up to 14 oz. of coffee. You can easily program this coffee brewer up to 24 hours in advance with an auto shut off of two hours. Inside the coffee maker is a permanent gold tone filter that is offered free.

4. Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew 12-cup Automatic Coffee Maker

Cuisinart comes with a fully programmable coffee maker with a grinder for quality coffee. The burr grinder grinds your coffee without adding anything to it, so the original flavor is not altered. Its grinder offers you control to program the amount of coffee it should brew. This coffee maker also has a strength selector that controls the strength of your coffee. It has an adjustable auto-shut-off of up to 4 hours. The key advantage of this coffee brewer lies in its ability to offer the original flavor of the coffee used.

5. Brazen Plus Coffee Brew System

The brazen coffee brewer is a truly appealing product to anyone looking for a customizable coffee cup. It gives you the freedom to set your temperature for brewing. You can brew up to 8 cups at once. It has a pre-soak function and a clock to set your time. In addition, it has a memory to store your system settings. The beauty part of this brewer is that it has a gold filter, a stainless steel water reservoir and a stainless steel carafe.


When choosing your auto drip coffee maker, you ought to be conversant with the specifications you would want in your ideal coffee maker before settling for one. Besides, some of them have been proven unsafe for use by consumers and thus worth overlooking. Try out any of the five best auto drip coffee makers listed above and you can be sure of enjoying your experience with it.


Pros and Cons of Food Delivery Services

Have you been questioning whether you should doing food delivery ? All things considered, the attraction may be excellent. There exists a terrific assortment of culinary art that might become accessible for you: Chinese, German, Spanish, Western food, etc… Also Indian meals shipping solutions exist. By far the most popular is pizza. Such as Lorentto Pizza on Bondi Road, in Australia. However, a lot of people do not trust these solutions and guidance against utilizing them.

Even though the issue isn’t as black and white as some folks would love to think, it is not overly tough to determine whether these solutions are suitable for you. Here will be the pros and cons you should think about before choosing food delivery..

Benefits of