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Welcome to African Forest Restaurant, we focus on servicing Minnesota's growing immigrant community’s demand for an ethnic eating experience. For lack of a better term we are a ‘multi-ethnic' cuisine restaurant that responded to Minnesota's immigrants community need for selection and choice.

African Forest Restaurant is a complimentary mingling of international cuisine on a single menu. Our "Spice It Up" menu appeals to our customers demographics perfectly. Our eclectic menu features regional specialties around the globe, from East African Sambosas, Liberian-West Africa- palm butter and cassava leaves, the Caribbean Cajun Classics to Southern collard greens with corn bread, fried yucca roots, to local pies and dishes.

East African Sambosas, Liberian-WestAfrica- palm butter, cassava leaves, Caribbean Cajun Classics, Southern collard greens with corn bread, fried yucca roots, local pies

The restaurant features two venues in one: An Enclosed Outdoor Barbecue and Full Service Dining. This concept offers customers variety, offering multiple dining and entertainment options within a single establishment. The spatial and menu divisions will broaden our appeal and provide our customers with a different experience on each visit.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner dining during the week and weekends. The restaurant will operate during peak service time to take advantage of street traffic, and after-hour patronage from the entertainment facilities in the area. This is not a family dining establishment.

During the busy summer months customers can sit outside on our front patio and we offer a special summer menu, featuring lighter fare, exotic drinks, as well as non-alcoholic offerings. The patio setting is a fun and casual atmosphere for the summer crowd.